SBA created the HUBZone category (Historically Underutilized Business Zones) of small businesses specifically to encourage business development in geographies of higher unemployment. Often, organizations find this this SBA category difficult to get certified and of the many small business categories for which prime contractors must meet goal performances each calendar year, the HUBZone category is the hardest to meet.In addition HUBZones near the metropolitan areas have salary demands as well as the higher overhead costs all small companies typically face.

The CID has established a HUBZone entity locally and received certification in August. This entity, Business Reengineering Corp. D/B/A BRCTek., is (1) distant from the metropolitan areas (Northern VA, Richmond, Norfolk) of higher cost of living, facility costs, and salary expectations, (2) fully connected to the prime contractors and their IT- and internet-enabled work environments with high bandwidth facilities, (3) balanced and well-defined, with a retirement community and local lifestyle that is family oriented and far from the high tempo of traffic-plagued urban areas, and (4) flush with IT-skilled technical, junior college, and four-year college graduates who would prefer to live where they grew up… if there was only work.

Prime contractors, who are bidding on the huge, multi-year tasks of the Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) being used to boot-strap Government agencies and citizen service to new levels of productivity, can now reach out to CID’s new HUBZone company that can offer lower subcontract costs and access to an untapped, highly skilled workforce of IT Professionals who can utilize CID lower-cost facilities and high bandwidth connectivity to reach the prime’s workspace and deliver quality services at costs savings of up to 25% on overhead.

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